Trade, Advisory and Project Management


At Risun, we focus on areas of expertise which allow our clients to benefit from our years of experience in finding successful solutions to opportunities.  We specifically target a handful of customer segments that, by working closely with our clientele, help us become efficient and effective in our research, analysis and advice. Our goal is to identify global strategic trading partners, thus making the search that much easier for the importer and exporter – the end result being guanxi.

Guanxi means relationships, breadth and depth.  You could call it the Chinese word for six-degrees of separation.  Risun recognizes that Canada and China can share a mutually beneficial sharing of guanxi, blending old with new, especially when it comes to commerce.  China looks to Canada as one option of marketing their goods to North America.  In return, Canadian companies see China as a historic chance to export their goods or services to a large market.  Risun aggressively pursues existing and/or new contacts that help achieve a strategy map that connects Canada and China.

Reaching a Deal